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Our February speakers will be Michael Ireland and Sgt. Ryan Borkert of the Contra Costa County Fire Dept.   They will talk about their rescue and fire suppression duties as helicopter air crewmen.

With funding from a federal grant, they implemented a rescue program to compliment their patrol duties.  The rescue program includes short haul rescues as well as fire suppression with a 144 gallon Bambi Bucket.   Since 2014, they have completed several dozen short haul rescues as well as a similar number of missions for fire suppression.   They currently fly 5 days a week; Tuesday-Saturday from 1500-0100.

The normal flight crew for day flights consists of a pilot, Tactical Flight Officer, and Flight Rescue Technician (FRT). The FRT is either a Captain Paramedic from Contra Costa Fire, are a Contra Costa Search and Rescue volunteer.


We ended up with only one participant in our Post  Oratorical Contest.  The winner is Aaron Shires, a junior at San Ramon Valley High School.  Additionally, there were no other posts contests, so Aaron is the winner of the District 9 contest.  He will now move on to compete in the Area 2 contest in February in Pacifica.
I again ask all to take another look at the note below concerning open positions.  Call me if you would like to discuss one of these positions.  We can and do good things for each other, other veterans, and the community; come help us do that.
Congratulations to Dick Seavey!  He has been awarded the Arthur Gaskins Docent of the Year Award by the Veterans Memorial Building!  See website for more.



The following are the persons elected to offices for 2018-2019:
Commander    Eric Ardell
Vice Commander    Alan Scharlach
2nd Vice Commander        Ron Roe
Adjutant        Robert Landy    
Finance Officer         Phil Connolly
Chaplain         Dick Seavey
Historian         Jerry Lindahl
Judge Advocate         Ron Lowe
Sgt of Arms         Randy Reid
Service Officer     Leroy Vares    

Executive Committee (up to 5 positions)
    Michelle Lee, Gary Soto, Chuck Brydon, Ed Ott

This a list of our appointed officers.  Red positions indicated open positions where we really need help.  Some are not filled at all, many others are combined and filled by one person.  Contact Eric for more information.

Appointed Positions

Ass't Adjutant                                                                          Webmaster (TEMP - Charlie Jursch)     
Ass't Finance Officer                                                              Logistics/Awards Manager
Asst Sgt of Arms - Ron Lowe                                                      Salvo Editor- Eric Ardell
Membership Committee Chairman  
                                 Board of Trustees Member - Ron Lowe / Eric Ardell
Programs Chairman                                                               Swearing-in Ceremony Committee
Boys State Chairman - Eric Ardell                                             4th of July Parade Coordinator
Girls State Chairwoman - Michelle Lee                                    VMB Operating Committee - Bob Landy
Oratorical Program Chairman                                            VMB Museum & Library Committee - Ron Farrell
Crab Feed Project Manager                                                 VMB Corn Beef & Cabbage Committee 
Fund Raiser Manager                                                            Veterans Day Program Committee

Boy Scouts Chartered Representative - Alan Scharlach        East Bay Standdown Representative - Mark Heinemann

Come help make our post thrive and grow!


​​​Do you know someone who are group would like to hear from with a compelling or interesting subject?   Military, business, personal stories, technical innovation is all good, but no advertising or sales pitches.  We will accept all suggestions.  Please provide contact information if at all possible and we may ask you to help facilitate arrangements.   

mT. dIABLO Post 246


​​​ We have now reached over 90% membership renewals for 2019!!  Remember our goal is 100% so please, if you have not renewed your membership yet, do so at your earliest convenience.  .  WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!

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