​​​Do you know someone who are group would like to hear from with a compelling or interesting subject?   Military, business, personal stories, technical innovation is all good, but no advertising or sales pitches.  We will accept all suggestions.  Please provide contact information if at all possible and we may ask you to help facilitate arrangements.   

Monthly Announcements

OUR LUNCH MEETING IN JULY WILL BE HELD ON TUESDAY, 3 JULY.  Lets have a big turnout for our speaker, he will have some very interesting stories about his storied career.  Call in to 277-7775 to make your reservation ASAP!

Congratulations to Eric Ardell as Commander and his officers ( some new faces )!  I just got an update from the military vehicles association for the Independence Day Parade, participation is looking good I hope to have a good turn out from the Post! Any volunteers for a color guard? 

Randy Reid

A big THANKS goes to Randy Reid for leading us as Commander for the last two years.  Membership has increased through his efforts on the District Revitalization Program he managed, led two highly successful crab feed fundraisers, and guided us through our certification with the Calif Attorney General's Office among other things.  BRAVO ZULU!!   And good luck leading the District.



​​​A Celebration of Life for RAdm Gorman was held at the Veterans Memorial Building on Sunday, 6 August and internment with his wife Eriko with full military honors was held at the Sacramento Valley National Cemetery in Dixon, CA on 7 August.   Please see the pictures of the events on our website.

Adm Gorman, a long time member of our post, was highly instrumental in the negotiation and planning of the rebuilding of the VMB and the library is named in his honor.  


We are off to a great start for payment of dues; as of early September 70% of you have paid your dues for 2018!! Our goal is 100% before December 2017! Mail us a check or you can pay online. We would prefer you pay through us since we get a little bit more of your dues.


The following are the persons elected to offices for 2018-2019:
Commander    Eric Ardell
Vice Commander    Ray LaRochelle
2nd Vice Commander        Alan Scharlach
Adjutant        Robert Landy    
Finance Officer         Phil Connolly
Chaplain         Dick Seavey
Historian         Jerry Lindahl
Judge Advocate         Ron Rowe
Sgt of Arms         Randy Reid
Service Officer     Leroy Vares    

Executive Committee (up to 5 positions)
    Michelle Lee, Gary Soto, Chuck Brydon, Ed Ott

This a list of our appointed officers.  Red positions indicated open positions where we really need help.  Some are not filled at all, many others are combined and filled by one person.  Contact Randy or Eric for more information.

Appointed Positions

Ass't Adjutant                                                                          Webmaster (TEMP - Charlie Jursch)     
Ass't Finance Officer                                                              Logistics/Awards Manager
Asst Sgt of Arms - Ron Lowe                                                      Salvo Editor- Eric Ardell
Membership Committee Chairman  
                                 Board of Trustees Member - Ron Lowe / Eric Ardell
Programs Chairman                                                               Swearing-in Ceremony Committee
Boys State Chairman - Eric Ardell                                             4th of July Parade Coordinator
Girls State Chairwoman - Michelle Lee                                    VMB Operating Committee - Ray LaRochelle
Oratorical Program Chairman - Ray LaRochelle                     VMB Museum & Library Committee - Ron Farrell
Crab Feed Project Manager                                                 VMB Corn Beef & Cabbage Committee 
Fund Raiser Manager                                                            Veterans Day Program Committee

Boy Scouts Chartered Representative - Alan Scharlach        East Bay Standdown Representative - Mark Heinemann
Logistic / Awards Manager

mT. dIABLO Post 246

Copyright © American Legion Post 246.


​​​ Our membership is now up to 156 (83% paid) with 2 new members; two transfers from other posts, and 5 transfers from Post 1000.  Please be sure to welcome them.
Anh Juntura, Navy, Gulf War, new
Neil Giles, Navy, Panama, Grenada, Gulf War, new
Don Emerson, Navy, Korea, transfere from Post CA-287
John Gibbons, Navy, Korea, transfer from Post 1000
Roman Kendzion, Coast Guard, Korea, transfer from Post 1000
Paul Klepacz, Navy, Vietnam, transfer from Post 1000
George Piombo, Army, Korea, transfer from Post 1000
Harold Wasson, transfer from Post CA-471
James Yi, Army, Gulf War, transfer from Post 1000


Cleveland Valrey - Chief Warrant Officer USA

Cleveland Valrey was the 4th of 15 children (8 boys & 7 girls) born in Texas in 1929.  His parents moved to Oakland, California from Beaumont Texas in 1944.  He attended McClymonds High in Oakland and then Berkeley High.
In 1946 he attempted to enlist in the Marines, but they guessed he was under age and refused to take him.  He was able to enlist in the Army at the age of 16.  Initially he was in the Army Air Force and became a “Charter" Member of the U.S. Air Force when it was established as a separate branch of the United States Military.
In 1949 he re-entered the Army to go into the Army Airborne at Fort Bragg and then to Ranger School at Ft Benning GA.  He served 2 tours in Korea.  He was wounded on his first tour in Korea but returned to his Ranger unit.  After his 2nd tour in Korea Cleveland graduated from Helicopter Flight School in Texas.  In 1965 Cleveland was sent to the Dominican Republic with the 7th Special Forces; then served 2 tours (32 months) in the Vietnam including the Tet Offensive 1968.
Cleveland retired from the Army after 30+ years of service as a Chief Warrant Officer.  While in the Army he attended the University of Maryland, Troy State University in Alabama and the University of Southern California. After he retired from the Army, he attended Merritt & Laney Colleges in Oakland and received four (4) A.A. Degrees.
Upon his retirement from the Army he went to work for H & H Shipping in San Francisco as Chief of Operations.  He received his Bachelor’s Degree from UC East Bay as well as a Master’s Degree in History.  He received a Master’s Degree in Ethnic Studies from San Francisco State University and an Honorary Doctorate degree from Payne U. in Mississippi. He has been a lecturer at San Francisco State University.
 Cleveland was Worshipful Master of Live Oak Lodge 3 times.  He is a member of Benicia Lodge and Simnoff Lodge.  He is Past President of 2 Sojourner Lodges, Past Sovereign Master of Allied Masonic Degrees.  He is a Member of the Royal Order of Scotland, past State President of Robert D Bruce Society, Past Chief of the Firth of Forth Clan, a member of Aahmes Temple and the Legion of Honor Unit.   He is Past Worthy Patron of the OES, Past Oakland and State President of the Hi Twelve Club.  He is also a member of the “Heroes of 1776”.  
Medals and Commendations:    ar for Valor, The Purple Heart,  The Korean Commendation Medal with 6 Battle Stars and the Combat Infantry Badge.  In the Vietnam War: 4 Distinguished Flying Crosses; 2 Bronze Stars, 50 Air Medals one with Valor and a second Combat Infantry Badge  and the Vietnam Service Medal with 9 Battle Stars.  
Cleveland is a distinguished member of the U.S. Army Aviation Hall of Fame.