Saturday, 2 November, Supervisor Candace Andersen and former Assemblywoman Catharine Baker put on the 5th Annual Pancake Breakfast at the VMB for veterans, active duty, and family.  It was a great event featuring scratch made pancakes!  Many thanks to Alan Scharlach, Ron & Evelyn Roe, Mel DeMello, Floyd Cox and Randy Reid for helping with setup and cleanup.

Please see the detailed note below about the Wreaths Across America event at the Alamo Cemetery.  Please let me know that you will help Phil Connolly, Alan Scharlach and myself honor our fallen comrades at this memorable event.

We’re making great progress on membership renewal; we are now at 78%.  For those who have not renewed yet, the post would appreciate your earliest action.   Our goal is 100% by 31 December!!!!  Please send your renewal in today!!

Buddy Calls – I am sure most all of you know by now we have been contacting many of you members who we don’t see very often.  We are do so for three simple reasons; 1) we want to know how you are doing, what you are doing, and if maybe we can help, 2) we want to make sure we have your current contact information (address, phone number, email address, etc.), and 3) is there anything we could do that you would like to see for a meeting or event.  We are open to any and all suggestions.

We have made some officer changes.  Randy Reid has been appointed 3rd Vice Commander to assist training a future Commander.  Anh Juntura has been appointed Chaplain to relieve Ron Roe who will join the Executive Committee.  Floyd Cox has been appointed Sargent-at-Arms.  Raoul Miranda has been appointed Assistant Financial Officer.  Michelle Lee has been appointed Program Director relieving Dick Seavey.

Welcome to new members
James Marbry, Mitchell Allee, and Pasquale Baratta!

Eric, Commander

​​​Mark Heinemann is working with local college veterans’ groups to increase the groups’ awareness on local campuses as well as get college veterans aware of and interested in the American Legion.  He is asking us to let him have your old copies of the American Legion magazine that he can then make available to the veterans’ resource centers at these colleges.  If you have old copies, bring them to a meeting or call Mark (his number is listed above) and he will come by to pick them up. 

​​​Would you like to honor the service or contribution made by an individual service member or veteran??  Purchase a paver (to be installed in the memorial walkway at Oak Hill Park in Danville) through the All Wars Memorial Foundation.  See flyer on Home page (click the button on the right) for more details and order form on our website.

​​​The American Legion Constitution and By-Laws, Article II, Nature, section 2 states “The American Legion shall be absolutely nonpolitical and shall not be used for the dissemination (verbal or written) of partisan principles nor for the promotion of the candidacy of any person seeking public office or preferment.” Additionally, political discourse is not appropriate at any American Legion event, function, or meeting.  If you have questions, please give Eric a call.


Here are the appointed positions still open where we really need help.  Contact Eric or I may contact you.

Appointed Positions

Ass't Adjutant                                                                         Webmaster (TEMP - Charlie Jursch)     
Logistics/Awards Manager
Membership Committee Chairman                                 
Programs Chairman                                                              Swearing-in Ceremony Committee
4th of July Parade Coordinator
Crab Feed Project Manager                                                 VMB Corn Beef & Cabbage Committee 
Fund Raiser Manager                                                            Veterans Day Program Committee

​​​Neil Giles is the chairman for the annual oratorical contest which will be held in early 2020.  If you are interested in helping with logistics and speaker engagement leading-up-to and on the day of the event, please contact Neil to voice your support.


With the new Legion Act now law, the Executive Board is issuing a Membership Challenge. 

We challenge every member to bring in one new member by 31 December.  If you bring in five (5) new members we will pay your dues for one year; if you bring in fifteen (15) new members, we will pay your dues for three years.  For purposes of this challenge, transfers from Post 1000 will count as a new member (contact me if you would like names of Post 1000 members in our area, there are many).

We are sure there are many, many veterans in this area.  Talk to family and friends and ask about vets they may know.  Contact those vets and tell them about our post and the American Legion.  Go to to find lots of membership information or come to the Veterans Memorial Building and pickup some information.

LET’S MAKE 200!!!!

mT. dIABLO Post 246


We have had business cards for general use by all members.  These cards can be used for any reason related to our post, i.e., potential membership contacts, donation requests like our crab feed, etc.  These cards will be available at all of our regular meetings or make arrangements with a post officer.

Monthly Announcements

​​​Do you know someone who are group would like to hear from with a compelling or interesting subject?   Military, business, personal stories, technical innovation is all good, but no advertising or sales pitches.  We will accept all suggestions.  Please provide contact information if at all possible and we may ask you to help facilitate arrangements.   

​​​Historian Jerry Lindahl is requesting that if you have photos, articles, or other appropriate historical items of post activities and events, please send them to him.  Be sure to provide full information of the event and the names of post members who are involved.  Let’s make sure we have a complete record of our post!  

Copyright © American Legion Post 246.

​​​Did you know that the minutes from our regular meetings and from officer meetings are posted on our website?  Click on Post Info in the top red banner.  Click on Post Reports in the drop down menu.  Then click on the report you want to review.


Our speaker this month is Mr. Rick Jackson.  He had a 34-year career as a member of the Los Angeles Police Department.  The last twenty-eight years he was assigned as a homicide detective, working in the Hollywood Division Homicide Unit (5 years) and in the specialized homicide section known as Robbery-Homicide Division (23 years).  He retired in late 2013.

During the last decade since his retirement, he has been a consultant for best-selling crime fiction writer Michael Connelly.  Connelly, who has a long list of novels that reached No. 1 nationally, is best known for his numerous books on fictional LAPD Detective Harry Bosch, as well as his novel “The Lincoln Lawyer” and its follow-up books.  During his career Rick also worked as a consultant for other best-selling authors writing crime fiction and non-fiction books, including Joseph Wambaugh (“The Onion Field,”), James Ellroy (“L.A. Confidential”), Miles Corwin (“Homicide Special”), and Robert Ellis (“City of Fire”).


​​​ We’re making great progress on membership renewal; we are over 78% now.  For those who have not renewed yet, the post would appreciate your earliest action.   100% by 31 December!!!!  Please send your renewal in today!!

​​​Whether you’re just getting out of the service or you’ve been a civilian for years now, the VA Welcome Kit can help guide you to the benefits and services you’ve earned.  Keep your welcome kit handy so you can turn to it throughout your life—like when it’s time to go to school, get a job, buy a house, get health care, retire, or make plans for your care as you age.
Download your VA Welcome Kit.   Share this guide with friends or family members who need help with their benefits. You can print out copies for yourself and others:
Your VA Welcome kit in black and white (PDF)
Your VA Welcome Kit in color (PDF)
The links above will also give you links to download guides to VA benefits and services For Veterans:
-     Apply for VA health care (PDF)
-     Get started with mental health services (PDF)
-    Apply for a disability rating (PDF)
-    Apply for education benefits (PDF)
For family members:
-    Get started with caregiver benefits (PDF)
-    Apply for survivor benefits (PDF)

*** IMPORTANT NOTE: When completing & submitting any of the above official veteran VA benefit documents, we strongly encourage you & your family members to ALWAYS seek professional advice from our Contra Costa County Veterans Service Officer Nathan Johnson & his CCCVSO.  Call [925] 313-1451. 
Open in Danville every Wednesday, call 925 / 313-1481 for Appt