Repeated just in case you missed it last month!  As we celebrate the centennial of the American Legion in March I would like to thank all of you for your continued support of Legion organization and this post; from the officers, appointees, event volunteers, meeting attendees, and, yes, you who pay your dues, THANK YOU!!  To that end, I would call your attention to the recent info I forwarded to all of your concern the "CALL TO ACTION" - S. 504: The LEGION Act.  Contact Senator Diane Feinstein and urge her to support and co-sponsor this legislation concerning Legion membership.
Randy Reid and Mark Heinemann have started a District 9 program to help support veterans group activities at three local community colleges.  Current efforts are focused on Contra Costa College, Los Medanos College, and Diablo Valley College.  They very much appreciate the money personally donated at our dinner last month and the motion for the post to match that amount.  The District will now match that amount also.  Funds will be use to facilitate veteran events at these colleges, like the physical fitness day at Contra Costa College in early May.  And, yes, we have a goal of potentially having some of these younger vets join the American Legion.  Please join Mark and Randy and help out with an event and we will keep you posted on upcoming events.
I again represented the American Legion and our post at the annual Sentinels of Freedom Gala.  We heard inspiring words from the Vice Chairman of the Joints Chief of Staff.  Great event and most certainly a great organization!
Lots of activities coming up in the next three months, (See EVENTS page).  The big one for us is the Fourth of July parade.  The theme of the parade is the American Legion Centennial.  So come join us for a fun day.
Lastly, we have now officially reached 100% membership renewal.  Thank you all for you continuing support!!!

Eric, Commander

Twice a year, each cub scout pack celebrates the advancement of cubs to Boy Scouts in a Bridging Ceremony. To advance to Boy Scouts, the cubs must earn the right through achievement of various levels of Cub Scouting, the last being the Order of the Arrow and reaching a minimum age requirement.

Last night, I had the honor of attending the Bridging Ceremony for our Cub Scout Pack 995 at the invitation of Peter Tan the committee chair for the Pack. I proudly watch eleven Cub Scouts transition across a bridge to the welcoming hands of five different "Scouting BSA" Troops. Two of the Cub Scouts transitioned to our Boy Scout Troop 888.

It was a well attended ceremony, with Dinner, posting of Colors, and pomp and ceremony to emphasis the importance of the transition from Cub to Boy Scouts. As of February 1st, Boy Scouts of American officially became "Scouting BSA" to allow the inclusion of girls into the Scouting organization. I look forward to attending future Bridging Ceremonies to include our Cub Scout Pack 997 on Friday, February 22, 2019.

Alan Scharlach
Scouting Representative


​​​Do you know someone who are group would like to hear from with a compelling or interesting subject?   Military, business, personal stories, technical innovation is all good, but no advertising or sales pitches.  We will accept all suggestions.  Please provide contact information if at all possible and we may ask you to help facilitate arrangements.   

Monthly Announcements

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Our May speaker will be Jeff Hebel.  Jeff’s background is in Law Enforcement.  He served for approximately 25 years before retiring in 2012 as a Lieutenant.  The majority of those years were spent with the Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff.   He served as patrol officer, detective, supervisor, SWAT Team leader, Assistant Division Commander of Emergency Services, Assistant Patrol Division Commander and Jail Commander.
Jeff’s has been teaching law enforcement officers how to respond to an active shooter incident since. He has also been teaching civilian response to active shooter incidents to Town of Danville employees and local churches and schools.
After retiring, he served as a part time detective for Danville PD and now is the Emergency Services Manager for the Town of Danville, his subject today.
Jeff has lived in Danville for twenty five years with his wife Nancy. They have three adult children and one granddaughter.


​​​ We made it - 100%   THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! 


Nominations for elected officers for the 2019-2020 service year will be announced at our May meeting with elections to be held at our June meeting.


Commander                 Eric Ardell
1stVice Commander    Alan Scharlach
2nd Vice Commander  Ron Roe
Adjutant                        Robert Landy    
Finance Officer             Phil Connolly
Chaplain                        Dick Seavey

Historian                       Jerry Lindahl
Judge Advocate            Ron Lowe
Sgt of Arms                   Randy Reid
Service Officer              Leroy Vares    

Executive Committee (up to 5 positions)
    Michelle Lee, Gary Soto, Chuck Brydon, Ed Ott

This a list of our appointed officers.  Red positions indicated open positions where we really need help.  Some are not filled at all, many others are combined and filled by one person.  Contact Eric for more information.

Appointed Positions

Ass't Adjutant                                                                         Webmaster (TEMP - Charlie Jursch)     
Ass't Finance Officer                                                             Logistics/Awards Manager
Asst Sgt of Arms - Ron Lowe                                                    Salvo Editor- Eric Ardell
Membership Committee Chairman  
                                Board of Trustees Member - Ron Lowe / Eric Ardell
Programs Chairman                                                              Swearing-in Ceremony Committee
Boys State Chairman - Eric Ardell                                            4th of July Parade Coordinator
Girls State Chairwoman - Michelle Lee                                   VMB Operating Committee - Bob Landy
Oratorical Chairman - Neil Giles                                              VMB Museum & Library Committee - Ron Farrell
Crab Feed Project Manager                                                 VMB Corn Beef & Cabbage Committee 
Fund Raiser Manager                                                            Veterans Day Program Committee

Boy Scouts Chartered Representative - Alan Scharlach        East Bay Standdown Representative - Mark Heinemann

Come help make our post thrive and grow!