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New Officers  2017 - 2018

(L to R) Chuck Brydon, Dick Seavey, Eric Ardell, Gary Soto, Raoul Miranda, Ron Lowe, Bob Landy, Jerry Lindahl, and Ron Roe. Not pictured Randy Reid (he took the picture), Michelle Lee, John Archimede, Leroy Vares, Ed Ott, & Phil ConnollyType your paragraph here.

It was a great day to celebrate our Nation's birthday. Randy did an outstanding job of organizing/coordinating our large contingent. Thanks so much for our members who joined us; Dick Olsen and wife, Phil Connolly and his son Jared, Dick Seavey, Chuck Brydon, Ed Ott (and his jeep) and our Boys and Girls State delegates.

Special thanks to Alan Scharlach and Laura Lewis joining to form our color guard.

Thanks also PG&E for the truck, the Boy Scouts for Troop 888 for their support as well as the Military Vehicles of Diablo Valley for their many vehicles.

2017 4th of July Parade

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Photo Flyers (Click to view)

Admiral Rus Gorman COL and Graveside 

New Members

Crab Feed 2017 Slide Show

New members Dale Price and Alan Scharlach are initiated into the post by Commander Reid. Welcome aboard!!