“The Legion cap, uniform or regalia should be worn by its members only when in attendance at official Legion meetings or ceremonies, as official guests at patriotic or other civil functions, or by individuals when officially representing The American Legion on public occasions.  A Legionnaire is considered to be in uniform if wearing an official American Legion cap. Therefore, it is not proper to wear a Legion cap while eating a meal at an official American Legion or civic luncheon or dinner.”

Here is guidance on saluting the Colors upon entering or exiting the meeting room:
- A member entering the hall after the meeting has begun (called to order) shall advance to the back center of the room, salute the colors and be seated;
- Any member desiring to be excused from the hall while the meeting in in progress -- except during a prayer, the obligation or period of silence -- shall advance to the back center of the room, salute the colors and leave.

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Uniform and Protocol Information

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Usage of The American Legion Cap, Emblem, Facilities, and Political Donations.  In this election year, providing the following information is advisable:
“The Legion cap is considered the official Legion uniform.  It is not an individual Legion member’s decision on the appropriate usage of the cap and emblem.  If attending a political event (of any kind: meeting, political pictures, town hall, etc.), the American Legion cap, or any clothing, pin, cap, ball cap, etc., with the American Legion emblem visible, should be removed so as not to imply endorsement by the American Legion.”


The left side of the Post garrison style Legion cap should only have the American Legion's emblem and your Post's City, this is considered the American Legion side of the cap, no other lettering, pins, or other adornments are allowed.  The right side of the cap may have the Post's name embroidered or the current or past officer's position held.  Individual's or nick names are not allowed nor pins, patches, lettering or other items in bad taste.  Pins showing your military rank should be avoided as "there is no rank among us".  Civic and Fraternal organization pins or patches are prohibited as well.

Show your Legion pride; wear your uniform properly, with pride and respect.  Your Legion cap is the most recognizable AL item you have ad wit the proper protocol you ARE the greatest PR asset of the great organization.