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For 2017 we reached beyond our membership goal with 144 members or 101.3%. We are one of less than 30 posts in the state of California to reach 100% or more. Great job, guys and gals, and thank you so much your continued support.

Dues are now payable for 2018. You may mail a check to us, Mt. Diablo Post 246, PO Box 133, Danville, CA 94526 or you can pay online. We would prefer you pay through us since we get a little bit more of your dues.

Executive Committee:

Ron Roe…..837-9428

Michelle Lee.....(510) 517-3230

Phil Connolly.....(408) 690-2053

Bryan Sundell.....(510) 856-7317

Post Officers for 2016 - 2017:

Commander: Randy Reid…..820-6642 

V. Commander: Eric Ardell…..838-0749

2nd V. Commander: Gary Soto…..837-9363

Adjutant: Gerald Lindahl…..837-9201

Finance Officer: Raoul Miranda…..837-0674

Chaplain: Richard Seavey…..833-1831

Historian: Ron Farrell…..820-4885

Judge Advocate: Ron Lowe…..362-0142

Sgt. of Arms: Chuck Brydon…..837-1339

Service Officer: Leroy Vares…..828-0421

Appointed Officers for 2017:

Ass't Sgt.-at-Arms: Ron Roe.....837-9428

Ass't Adjutant: Bob Landy..... 820-4006

​Ass't Finance Officer: Phil Connolly...(408) 690-2053

Program Chairman: Dick Seavey.....833-1831




As we move into the Fall season I hope you had a great summer.   Our September lunch with speaker (see note below) will be Wednesday September 6th.  Please don’t forget the 911 Remembrance Ceremony at Oak Hill Park.  Be sure to put these dates on your calendar.

I haven’t had any response to my request in the August Salvo about evening meetings to attract our younger working veterans to our Post, we need those younger Veterans to grow our membership and keep our post moving forward for the future.

I want all to remember Rear Admiral Russell W. Gorman and a special thanks to all of you who attended his Celebration of Life at the Veterans Memorial Building; a great ceremony.   A special thanks Col Allen Cruz for organizing the event and to our Scout Troops 888 and 60 for their excellent support!   



​​​A Celebration of Life for RAdm Gorman was held at the Veterans Memorial Building on Sunday, 6 August and internment with his wife Eriko with full military honors was held at the Sacramento Valley National Cemetery in Dixon, CA on 7 August.   Please see the pictures of the events on our website.

Adm Gorman, a long time member of our post, was highly instrumental in the negotiation and planning of the rebuilding of the VMB and the library is named in his honor.


​​​Our Speaker:  Our speaker at our September meeting will be Nathan D. Johnson, Contra Costa County Veterans Service Officer.
Nathan became a part of the team in February of 2012. Nathan previously was a part of the Vet Center team as a Readjustment Counselor providing both individual and group therapy for combat Veterans and their family members. Nathan served in the Marine Corps with a combat tour in Iraq. After the Marine Corps, Nathan earned his BA in Communications at CSU Stanislaus and his MSW at UC Berkeley. He is married to Lauren and has two daughters and a wiener dog.


​​​Our meeting in October will be on Sunday, 1 Oct at 1:00 pm to recognize and honor our 2017 Boys State delegates and Girls State Ambassadors.  As in the past, we will ask each of them to spend a few minutes regaling us with their experiences.

Please plan on attending and bring a guest to meet and hear from some of the finest young men and women who well could be our future leaders (count on it!!).  Lunch is $10 for members (guests are free).   Please call in your reservation early!!


​​​We are now at 141 active and current members, essentially 100%!   Thank you all for your continued support.  Our efforts will continue to build our membership to enhance our abilities to support veterans and active duty military alike!


Committee Chairman:

Boys State: Eric Ardell.....838-0749

Girls State: Michelle Lee.....(510)-517-3230

Oratorical Contest: Ray LaRochelle.....606-5828

Scouting Chartered Rep: Alan Scharlach

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