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​​​Our Speaker:  Our speaker for June, a California central valley native, is Lt. William Sharp, a distinguished combat pilot and the recipient of the Navy Distinguished Flying Cross, 12 Air Medals, Purple Heart, and 2 Navy Commendation Medals with Combat V.   His aircraft include F-8 Crusaders, Grumman F-11 Tigers, and F-9 Panthers.   He was a member of VF-191, who flew the F-8 Crusader aircraft during 2 combat deployments to the Tonkin Gulf of Viet Nam.  His Squadron flew off the USS Bon Homme Richard (CVA-31) and USS Ticonderoga (CVA-14).

On Nov 18, 1965, he was shot down over North Viet Nam.  He was just 26 years old when his aircraft was hit my enemy fire and forced him to eject into the Tonkin Gulf.  Sharp was captured by two North Vietnamese fishermen aboard a sampan.   The  harrowing story of his ultimate escape will be recounted in his presentation.

In his civilian life, Sharp became a commercial airline pilot for United Air Lines flying the Boeing 777 around the world.   He received the San Francisco Captain of the Year Award in 1999, the year before he retired.  He is currently a docent at the USS Hornet Sea, Air, and Space Museum in Alameda .


Will not have a guest speaker this month.  We will conduct formal installation of our new officers for 2017-2018.   We will also formally initiate new members at this meeting.  Please attend and meet our new and continuing officers and welcome our new members into our post. 



​​​We are now at 141 active and current members, essentially 100%!   Thank you all for your continued support.  Our efforts will continue to build our membership to enhance our abilities to support veterans and active duty military alike!



The parade fast approaches!  Do we have a few hardy souls to form a color guard again this year?  Let us know ASAP!   We will plan to have a PG&E truck for those who would like to ride and a few military vehicles as well.  Come show your veteran and American Legion pride is this patriotic event!!

Committee Chairman:

Boys State: Eric Ardell.....838-0749

Girls State: Michelle Lee.....(510)-517-3230

Oratorical Contest: Ray LaRochelle.....606-5828

Scouting Chartered Rep: Alan Scharlach

Executive Committee:

Ron Roe…..837-9428

Michelle Lee.....(510) 517-3230

Phil Connolly.....(408) 690-2053

Bryan Sundell.....(510) 856-7317

Post Officers for 2016 - 2017:

Commander: Randy Reid…..820-6642 

V. Commander: Eric Ardell…..838-0749

2nd V. Commander: Gary Soto…..837-9363

Adjutant: Gerald Lindahl…..837-9201

Finance Officer: Raoul Miranda…..837-0674

Chaplain: Richard Seavey…..833-1831

Historian: Ron Farrell…..820-4885

Judge Advocate: Ron Lowe…..362-0142

Sgt. of Arms: Chuck Brydon…..837-1339

Service Officer: Leroy Vares…..828-0421

Appointed Officers for 2017:

Ass't Sgt.-at-Arms: Ron Roe.....837-9428

Ass't Adjutant: Bob Landy..... 820-4006

​Ass't Finance Officer: Phil Connolly...(408) 690-2053

Program Chairman: Dick Seavey.....833-1831




I hope many of you are planning to join us for the Independence Day 4th of July Parade.  The Kiwanis Club, sponsors of the parade, tells me that the town loves Veterans and it is one of the biggest parades in the Bay Area. The theme this year is Celebrating Community Service.   That’s what we do as Legionnaires through Boys State, Girls State, Oratorical Contest and much more.  Our motto is "We Continue to Serve!"  We still need members to volunteer for the Color Guard for the parade it’s only a mile, please volunteer.  At our July meeting on July 5th will swear in our newly elected officers and initiate new members; a very important meeting.

For those of you who were at the high school swearing in ceremony you have a pretty good idea of the tremendous amount of time that Eric Ardell as chairman of this ceremony as well as the VMB put into this very special event.  To quote our keynote speaker Captain Nathan Moore, USCG, "I’ve been all over the country and I have never seen anything like it!!"   Way to go Eric!!!  Bravo Zulu!


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